Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister at a critical time in our history. He is not the first former Eton-educated, Bullingdon Club MP elected to parliament in 2001.

Along with David Cameron, Mr Johnson has had a steely determination to get to the ‘Top Job’. Neither are known for their consistency or reserved nature. On Brexit both advocated the need to remain in the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Indeed, as London Mayor, Mr Johnson said the Single Market was essential and in 2012 he called for a referendum on staying in a reformed EU. However, an opportunist to the core, Boris Johnson wrote two letters; one advocating support for Leave and one on the merits of Remain. He supported Leave to oppose David Cameron.

To be fair, he did advocate that it is essential to get a deal with the EU, and along with leading leave campaigners he also said this would be easy. Now he is advocating No Deal. This will have negative impacts on security and the trade of food and medicines. It is reckless and has no mandate at all. At one time, Boris Johnson would agree, but he puts his political ambitions first.

Away from Westminster, Anglesey is in full swing! It is great to see so many events taking place; local fayres, carnivals and festivals, highlighting the best of the Island’s communities. An army of organisers and volunteers make it happen. A massive thank-you to them all.

I hope to get out and about across the Island and hit the coastal footpath where I will meet hundreds of locals and visitors alike. I will also take a ‘staycation’ family break to get ready for the return of Parliament; hopefully refreshed to see which Boris Johnson we face as the new Prime Minister.

Holyhead Festival 2019
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