Let’s treasure our freedom, our rich history and volunteer community organisations.

Let’s treasure our freedom, our rich history and volunteer community organisations.

The 75th D-Day anniversary reminded us once again of the gratitude we owe our armed services and especially those who fought for our freedom in World War Two. As the Queen stated that generation, which included my father, were very resilient and did their duty with honour and I pay tribute to them all. I also pay tribute to the merchant seafarers and civilians who paid a key role in the D-Day landings.

The Island’s maritime tradition is very strong and it’s history well presented by organisations such as the Holyhead Maritime Museum, which I am proud to be a patron of. This volunteer organisation like many others across the Island enrich our communities in so many ways. Currently they are honouring the legacy of its former stalwart and much missed local historian and communitarian the late John Cave MBE and setting up a number of events to raise money for a bursary in his name for young people.

There is also a legacy group to John, set up to display his fantastic collection of photos, artefacts and documents, collected over decades, that portray our rich social history. These worthwhile community projects are developing and this week I attended events and meetings organised by them and involve many local community organisation.

I also joined Cancer Research fund raisers and thank these volunteers for their excellent work in raising extra money to combat this disease that touches so many people and their families. A big thanks to the generous public too.

Parliament is dominated by the forthcoming Tory party leadership contest that will also decide our next Prime Minister. Since the 2017 general election, and after losing her parliamentary majority and Brexit mandate, the current PM has failed to unite Parliament or even win over hardliners in her own party. She did a deal with the DUP, to keep her party in government but failed to hold it together and is paying the price of that poor judgement. In a Parliament with no majority she should have reached out and built a consensus on not just Brexit but also other pressing matters.

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