Rebuilding our Communities – Promoting our Island

Rebuilding our Communities – Promoting our Island

Linking the work I do in Parliament to the constituency remains central. In addition to the prominent issue like Brexit, I work with organisations, community groups, businesses, unions, charities and individuals across a wide range of issues.

This is done through committees, All Party Groups (APPGs). This week included cancer awareness, therapy dogs, meeting Scottish Power on energy matters; the Royal British Legion. I also led an inquiry into the post office network, which is in decline and this is compounded by Bank closures which can lead to financial exclusion.

When I visit our towns and villages, after ten years of prolonged austerity and cuts, we are seeing real decline. Our High Streets remain important social and business hubs. We need to help our local businesses and restore the services and pride we have lost or at risk. I am meeting local groups and lobbying the County Council and governments to re-build our communities to make them proud places to live and visit.

In Parliament, I have been working with others through all party groups to ensure we develop vibrant villages and town centres fit for the 21st Century, which put people and services first. In moving forward I welcome your comments and ideas. Contact me with your views.

A fine example of linking my local work with parliamentary duties, as one of the Vice-Chairs of the Cancer APPG, I recently visited the Cancer UK retail outlet in Holyhead and met staff, volunteers and those recovering patients. This is evidence that local efforts do make a difference. A big thank you to all our local communitarians.

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