People – Brexit & Welsh Affairs

People – Brexit & Welsh Affairs

Politics is about people and in recent weeks it has been a delight to welcome so many constituents to the Houses of Parliament. It is always good to host residents from Anglesey – Môn Mam Cymru – the Mother of Wales, to the mother of Parliaments.

I was particularly pleased to welcome Graham Drinkwater MBE and his colleagues from the RNLI on the same day he received his honour from the Palace. This is an opportunity for me to say thank you to our recognised communitarians. In addition, I met Cian Owen, aged 9, and his family from Llanfairpwll. It was a delight to engage with them. Indeed, in this age of digital communication it really is good to talk face to face with constituents and take a break from campaign emails. I learn a lot from direct engagement in both Parliament and back home in the constituency.

This is vital on the big issues of the day, such as Brexit. There are still strong opposite views, often generated by group emails. There is however a growing consensus against both no deal and Mrs May’s deal. This week we had a series of votes. The Labour amendment for a softer Brexit in line with our 2017 General Election pledge was defeated. My other Brexit pledge was for a sensible approach to Brexit and with the PM pandering to the DUP and ERG group within her party, this is not happening. Updates to follow, but the PM is preparing to extend the deadline. The reason for this is down to her as she has delayed and failed to reach out!

There was a big Welsh dimension to business in Parliament. At Welsh Questions I raised the proposed closure of REHAU in Amlwch and asked for the UK Government to intervene and help. In the annual St David’s Day debate I raised the need to support mixed energy technology projects, Brexit and the North Wales economy. I am leading delegations for local, Welsh and UK Government to work together for all the region and its people.

To celebrate St David’s Day we had a special Welsh Service with both Ysgol Cymraeg Llundain and Only Boys Aloud (inc Anglesey boys) enetertaining. I also mentioned the Wales victory over England in the Six Nations Rugby Championship – much needed to raise spirits and unite the Welsh Nation.

On St Davids Day I held advice surgeries In Beaumaris and Holyhead and attended celebratory events.

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