Brexit Update - Albert Owen MP

Brexit Update - Albert Owen MP

Following the historic rejection of the EU Withdrawal draft agreement (Prime Minister’s deal) in Parliament, the PM said she would listen to Parliament, reach out and come up with a plan B.

On Monday 21st of January the PM made a statement on her next steps. Frankly it was just her rejected Plan A with small adjustments to fees for EU citizens. She did reach out, but only to the DUP, and hardliners in her party. That has been her problem, the Prime Minister carries on regardless, further dividing Parliament and the country.

Had she reached out at the time of the 2017 General Election when she lost her mandate and majority we would be in a better position today.

I am carrying out my pledge in the 2017 election to support a sensible Brexit outcome. The Government and DUP has blocked sensible adjustments and is pushing through a bad deal that is not in the country’s interest.

There is a growing consensus outside and in Parliament to reject ‘no deal’ with the EU. I accept this is not universal, but from the hundreds of emails and contacts I have had since December over 85% reject the Prime Minister’s deal and a big major rejecting no deal, with support for a People’s Vote. Many people including young people have also engaged and expressed their views. I thank them all.

I said I would listen to the diverse views and consider all options if the parliamentary deadlock continues to include extending the March deadline and a final say by the people. I will look at all these options in the form of amendments and make a judgement when Parliament next votes.

I have said I want to represent the 100% of constituents, those who voted leave, remain, those who have changed their minds and those who did not vote. That was my pledge in 2016, 2017 and is now. I do so knowing that my stance will not please everyone as strong opinions and division still exists. There are no easy options, but I will do what I feel is best for the residents of Ynys Mon and our country’s future.

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