New Year’s Message – Jan 2019

New Year’s Message – Jan 2019

There will be no prizes for guessing what will be the main political subject of 2019. Of course, it’s Brexit. I have been clear on my position. I respected the result of the 2016 referendum because it was the right thing to do. I voted for Article 50 to seek a deal that safeguard’s jobs, security and the prosperity of our Island community, Wales and the UK. In the 2017 General Election I said I would fight for a sensible Brexit with access to both the Single Market and a Customs Union.

Big Ben

However, the Prime Minister set her own agenda and timetable, she called a General Election mid-June and lost her mandate, her Parliamentary majority and her judgement has got us into a real mess. Her deal with the EU makes us weaker and poorer. It’s not just a choice between her deal and no deal as she is trying to say. I want to look at all the options, delaying the March deadline and if the Parliamentary deadlock cannot be broken, a public vote (People’s vote) or General Election.

The weeks and months ahead will be tense and challenging, but it is vital we get the right deal going forward. Mrs May has failed to unite our country and our communities.

Major changes to Universal Credit will hurt the most vulnerable in society. I will work with others to cushion the blow and call for a pause. Austerity continues with the Tories and again it’s the poorest in our society who pay the price.

I will continue to promote Anglesey as a place to work, live and visit. Our GVA is improving but it needs a further boost to local jobs. I do hope we get it right.

I wish you all a peaceful 2019.

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