A People's Vote

A People's Vote

A People's Vote on the final Brexit deal is the best and most democratic solution to the current Brexit mess.

It is clear that the one thing that unites the public on the Brexit negotiations is that it is a mess, with the Government divided and the compromise Chequer’s Agreement unlikely to get Parliamentary or even Tory party support. The decision on a deal should not be left to Parliament alone and I have come to the conclusion that the best and most democratic way is for a People’s Vote on the final deal or even no deal.

Let me be clear, I respected the 2016 EU referendum result and mandate to enter negotiations and voted to trigger Article 50, but the UK Government has failed to come up with workable solutions to Brexit.

The 2016 Referendum result was to get out but not to lose out and since then the facts have changed, nobody knew we’d have to pay the EU a massive £40 billion divorce bill, or a no deal of stockpiles of medicines.

In 2017 the Prime Minister held a general election to increase her parliamentary majority in order to push through a clean (hard) Brexit. The will of the people was to reject that and she lost her mandate and her parliamentary majority. The Prime Minister and the Government now find themselves at the mercy of the hard right / hard Brexit wing of her party and the DUP. That is not what people voted for in 2016 or 2017.

I was clear in 2017 that we needed a sensible approach and that I would fight for that. That is not what is happening in Parliament. My constituency of Ynys Môn is on the front line of Brexit and its negotiations are heading towards a bad or no deal. That will be devastating for my constituents, for Wales and for the rest of the UK.

To me it’s not about the 48% or the 52%, it’s about jobs and the living standards of the 100% of UK citizens. A People’s vote on the final deal would be taken with the full knowledge of the evidence. That is what is needed to resolve the Brexit mess.

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