Parliamentary democracy & local communitarian

Parliamentary democracy & local communitarian

The final leg of the EU Withdrawal Bill passed through the House of Commons but not within further controversy, not least the decision by the government not to accept that the Sovereign Parliament, not the executive (the government) has its say (meaningful vote) on the Brexit final vote. I voted for a meaningful vote as I indicated clear at the start of the Bill's passage in the Commons.

This is important in a parliamentary democracy as allowing a government to take all major decisions has all the hallmarks of an elective dictatorship and if we are serious above taking back control then handing power back to Parliament is key.

This is even more important as this current government does not have a working majority in Parliament and relies on the DUP, a party that represents a nation that voted to remain in the EU.

I further remind readers that just twelve months ago the Prime Minister called a costly and unnecessary general election to increase her parliamentary majority and mandate for a clean, hard Brexit. It was the 'will of the people’ that she lost both her parliamentary majority and Hard Brexit mandate but is carrying on regardless propped up, by the DUP.

The final day of the EU Bill was a bad day for the House of Commons and parliamentary democracy.

Also in Parliament I Chaired the Parliamentary Boundaries Bill, met National Grid and visited the Scaling Up Institute as part of my BEIS select committee work.

To me central to my work is always the community of Anglesey and I have the honour of meeting the people who shape and enrich our Island community. Last week the local community has lost one of its best. John Cave was a true communitarian, he put a great effort into helping others and local good causes. I am proud to have known him and call him a friend. I have seen at first hand the genuine affection in which he was held in. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP John Cave MBE.

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