Brexit Bill and support for Energy & Tourism

Brexit Bill and support for Energy & Tourism

The return of the EU (Withdrawal) Brexit Bill dominated the Commons business this week with the consideration of the Lords amendments after in-depth scrutiny on the measures. I believe the proposals to be reasonable and would have strengthened the Bill, therefore I supported them.

Controversy came on in two main areas, namely the House of Commons, our sovereign Parliament having a final decision on the UK exit deal, thereby taking back control, and access to the single market and customs union. There was a last minute deal to get the 'Tory rebels' on-board, which really was just kicking the can down the road. It worked, although the PM is not out of the woods yet. I also supported Labour amendments to access to the customs union and also joining an economic area the EEA. This divided the House and my party. While it’s not perfect, it is vital for our country and port communities in particular.

I do respect the decision of the 2016 referendum to leave the political EU, but I also respect the decision the in 2017 election to take away the Prime Minister's parliamentary majority and her mandate for a 'clean/hard Brexit' and seek a more sensible, softer Brexit. Both results are the will of the people and we all, including the Government, temper our positions and work to unite our communities and our country.

That is what I clearly put to the electorate last June. I received an increased mandate and put emphasis on retaining the benefits of the single market and Customs Union, which is essential for jobs and the economy and wellbeing of future generations. In fact I remain certain that while the Brexit result was to get out, it was not to lose out.

I did get the opportunity to put the case for a proper funding mechanism to support our marine energy industry which has so much potential to produce low-carbon energy and skilled jobs. I put this question to ministers in the House and will continue to campaign to get the support necessary to get excellent projects like Minesto and Morlais off the Anglesey coast to commercial viability and complement other low-carbon technologies in the energy mix.

At Welsh questions I promoted the Isle of Anglesey as a tourist destination and raised the matter of support funding to replace our European social fund monies post 2020.

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