Statement on EU withdrawal (Brexit) by Albert Owen MP

Statement on EU withdrawal (Brexit) by Albert Owen MP

Prime Minister’s draft deal with EU, weakens the UK’s position and is not in the country’s interest

The deal on the draft EU Withdrawal agreement and Political Declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom is not in the country’s interest.

I said at the 2017 General Election that I wanted a sensible approach to Brexit. With the current mess and gridlock in Parliament, it is clear that a sensible Brexit is not achievable.

The draft deal does not deliver on the promises made in the 2016 Referendum and gives no guarantees to the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU.

The Political Declaration is too vague; has no substance and actually weakens the UK’s position.

For the reasons above I cannot support the deal in a meaningful vote in Parliament. I will look at any sensible amendments that break the Parliamentary deadlock and offers improved outcomes for all my constituents; those who voted leave, remain or did not vote in 2016, particularly the younger generation.

If the Parliamentary deadlock continues we must consider all options; including extending the March deadline or a public (people’s) vote.

I thank everyone who has contacted me on Brexit and will provide further updates on the matter.

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