Latest Statement from Welsh Water

Latest Statement from Welsh Water

This is the latest statement I have received from Welsh Water:

"We have restored supplies to homes in the Benllech and Amlwch area that were affected. We did have water bottle stations in Benllech and Amwlch earlier today for affected customers to pick up water from. These have now closed as supplies have been restored. As supplies return to normal, some customers may experience discoloured water.   This is quite normal and will clear if customers run the taps for a few minutes.

"Water for Menai Bridge customers has been restored. But we still have a few customers in the Llanddona, Llansadwrn and top of Llandegfan that are still affected. Some will have low pressure, some intermittent supplies and others no water. We have had water bottle stations in the area today and delivering water to our customers on our additional services list.

"Following the icy conditions we are asking water supplies by not leaving any taps – internal or external – running  and reporting any leaks or bursts out on roads and highways directly to the company.

"We are now facing extremely high levels of demand for water supplies – higher than the peak demand during the summer. We are working around the clock to fix leaks on the network and we hope that the network recovers soon and that customers in the area will have water by the morning.

"We would again like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused and thank them for continuing to bear with us."

Further updates and information can be found on the Welsh Water website.

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