Westminster Matters

Westminster Matters

By Albert Owen MP/AS, Ynys Môn

September 2017

I swapped the invite to visit the Party Conference in Brighton for visits to local communities and met local groups and businesses. This included a meeting of the Holyhead Maritime Museum Trustees. As a Patron, I am proud of its work and reputation in the locality and far and wide. It not only preserves our rich maritime history but it is a major tourist attraction adding to the growing coastal brand of Anglesey plc.

Fuw Boys

Farming, along with the seafaring tradition, remains important today. It was great to join the local Farmers’ Union of Wales at Rhoscolyn School to discuss the importance of milk. The Dairy Industry has struggled for many years, but is still important to everyday life. I support dairy farmers, in particular, the small family dairy farms that need sustained support to survive and linking them to our local and national food chains. Food, farming and tourism are vital components of the local economy and I will work with others to maximise the benefits of Anglesey and Welsh brands.

Both dairy farming and seafaring has a special interest to me. I grew up helping on a dairy farm delivering milk and my first real job at 16 was in the Merchant Navy.

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I also met energy-related companies. I am pleased to have been re-elected to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy select committee. It allows me in Parliament to raise energy matters. I recently led a debate on Energy in Wales where I pressed for greater investment in low carbon technology. I have long campaigned as a pro-nuclear, pro-renewables MP. I want to see the Island benefit from this and have led on projects to create sustainable jobs in Anglesey and North Wales. Interestingly this summer, 52% of the UK’s electricity from low carbon sources and I was pleased that the Morlais project has received funding from Welsh Government and the EU. Marine energy is vital going forward and the UK need to step up to the plate. I will continue to press for this.

Anglesey’s Energy Island concept can indeed complement our other sectors including tourism, food and farming truly make Anglesey a great place to work, live and visit.

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