Westminster Matters

Westminster Matters

By Albert Owen MP/AS

September 2017 

‘Power Grab and Undermining Parliamentary Democracy’

As I have previously said, the Prime Minister called a snap election in June to strengthen and increase her parliamentary majority and her ‘Hard Brexit’ mandate. We now know it cost the taxpayer over £140 million, and the electorate took away the PM’s majority, her mandate, and her moral authority.

Yet this week the Tory Government (after a £1bn deal with the DUP) is pushing through as a minority government and ignoring the ‘Will of the People’, to her, it’s business as usual. Worse still, she is grabbing power from our Sovereign Parliament to give to ministers and the executive as demonstrated in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. In June I was given an increased mandate and majority to hold the Government to account on all issues, including Brexit. I will do just that and fight for a modified, sensible Brexit.

The Tory Government also ignored the people who imposed their minority by voting through with the DUP that they get a majority on each Bill Scrutiny Committee, even though they don’t have a majority of seats. This again is nothing short of a power grab and undermines Parliament and the electorate.

The Government did however back down on Labour motions on scrapping the pay cap and student fees, but this is not binding, and they didn’t even bother to vote, showing such contempt.

I spoke in debates on the EU and energy, as well as asking question to ministers, I met with companies and with Barclay’s Bank, who are letting down the people of Amlwch by closing the last bank in town. I did request an extension to the closing date, but they do not care about the community, and will continue to close in November 2017. We need a proper banking system, but to do that we need a strong government to hold the banks to account.

In the constituency I was out and about in Beaumaris and Menai Bridge, I met with businesses, held advice surgeries and visited community events.

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