Westminster Matters

Westminster Matters

A Week in Westminster

By Albert Owen MP, July 2017

It was Senator Robert Kennedy who said “One fifth of the people area against everything all the time”. He was right. While it is important to have opposition to issues, we must be pro-active in promoting and move forward with improvements that bring community benefits for the future and younger generation.

In recent weeks and months I have engaged with many young people across the Island’s communities. They are ambitious for the future – major issues include leisure, sports facilities and activities; housing, jobs, and the environment.

Too often people feel that their voices are not heard at local level, including local government and councils. I campaigned on this matter during the recent general election and increased my mandate. I see my job as being a duel role of both facilitator and legislator. In the role of facilitator I intend to set up a youth forum to bring on board the voices of young people and to produce reports to appropriate bodies to act and deliver. Young people may not have a vote but they do have a voice and I want that voice to be heard and will work with them to shape our future.

I continue to lead on issues as part of my Getting Anglesey Connected project – of which broadband and mobile phone connections are a part. I am pleased that some progress is being made such as the Dwyran area, which this week went live. However more needs to be done and I will work with the UK and Welsh Governments and BT Openreach. I am pleased others are more proactive on this issue, which is moving in the right direction in creating a 21st Century digital Anglesey community.

In addition to digital advances, our iconic views and coastal attractions need to be promoted. I welcome that community groups are now running many facilities such as South Stack lighthouse. This is a No.1 attraction and a visual showcase for Wales, which I visited to thank the volunteers and agencies involved.

I also visited schools, held advice surgeries and did some coastal walking to see our beautiful Island resources for myself. Let’s get positive in promoting Anglesey PLC and let the four fifths work together to take Anglesey forward with pride.

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