A Week In Westminster

A Week In Westminster

‘Idealism of youth should be treasured and respected’ were the wise words of our witness to our Business & Energy Select Committee this week. The subject was Clean Growth Strategy – Net Zero. The witness was the respected broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough. Few people can be credited with putting the issue of the fragility of our planet and the destruction by humans on top of our agenda today than Sir David.

Personally, both he and James Lovelock are the two people I have long admired on the subject of environmental and climate change issues. Sir David via his television work and James Lovelock via his books on the Gaia and how we can repair the damage to our planet by practical steps. This is something I have been campaigning on for many years. I am pleased the issue of climate change is now accepted and that human activity contributes and it is human behaviour that can reduce global warming for future generations. Like Sir David I too believe we should cherish our youth and work with them for their future.

As Vice Chair of the All Party Group I have the pleasure of meeting organisations who make a real difference to those who suffer cancer in their lives, their families and their communities. MacMillan and Cancer Research are two such organisations. The most recent campaigns on helping the terminally ill on benefit issues and greater recruitment for our NHS to treat and support patients I fully support.

I welcome the 500k cash injection by the NDA (UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) for North Anglesey which can boost the economic and social development to an area that deserves direct investment following big disappointing news in recent years. I have long called on the County Council to come up a coherent plan for real redevelopment and this financial support will assist. I voted to set up the NDA and its remit is to help host communities and pleased this legacy is continuing and why we must remain an integral part of the UK.

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