‘Climate Change’ a Challenge for us All!

‘Climate Change’ a Challenge for us All!

Climate change is the most profound environmental challenge facing the globe today and there is no doubt more action is needed to cut our emissions.

I have long held this view and since my election in 2001, I have pressed governments – Labour, the Coalition and the Tories, to focus on a low carbon economy. I am proud to have supported the Climate Change Act; the first country to introduce legally binding long-term emission reduction. I pay tribute to the leadership of Ed Milliband and worked with him and the Labour Government on this. I attended the historic Paris Climate Agreement and locally I have supported the Energy Island concept of being at the forefront of a mixed low carbon technology; marine, nuclear and other renewables along with energy efficiency measures.

Frankly, while progress is being made we need to do more locally, nationally and internationally. I will play my part as a member of the Business and Energy Committee, holding the government to account and working with local and Welsh Government and internationally to cut our emissions and reap the potential of a low carbon economy – it is a win, win situation. I wrote a booklet on this in 2018 to show Anglesey could be the pilot for a better environment. I am delighted with the Island’s plastic free status. Let’s lead on this issue!

I was very pleased to meet a delegation that included constituents, who have been protesting in London as part of the Extinction Rebellion – some criticise their tactics, but their message is spot on – we do face a climate emergency and we need to take more urgent action – our planet and future depends on it.

I spoke in the Commons on the Climate Change Statement and met the Postcode Lottery and Welsh Government Ministers.

In the constituency I met with local councillors to discuss the RAHAU closure proposals, held advice surgeries in Amlwch and Holyhead and met community groups in the Llan’s and attended a John Cave MBE legacy event to create a social history legacy of his artefacts for the people of Holyhead and Anglesey.

Extinction Rebellion
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