Spring, Communities & Brexit

Spring, Communities & Brexit

There is something special about getting out and about across the Island communities in the Spring season. Meeting and helping people has always been the core of my duties as an MP. It gives me excellent opportunities to listen to the views of people on all matters. Email and social media are great but add and compliment real social interaction; meeting people is the real deal.

That social interaction included meeting individuals, local community groups and businesses across the Island. Local campaigns on traffic management in Llanfachraeth and Benllech, advice surgeries in Llangefni and Beaumaris and visits to the Marine Centre in Menai Bridge. I am also campaigning for jobs at REHAU and north Anglesey.

On a personal note the Spring weather allows me to ‘re-start’ my coastal walks and meeting locals and visitors alike is excellent.

In Parliament the reality of Brexit is beginning to show. I have often cited the error of the Prime Minister for pandering to the extremes of her party, the so-called ERG, and also to the DUP. Both have turned on her. Her deal is dead and she now has to reach out to achieve a sensible Brexit outcome. There is overwhelming opposition from the business and public sector to stop no deal. This was achieved by Parliament coming together, across the parties and putting people and the country first. I pay tribute to Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin for building that consensus.

I welcome the extension to sort out the Brexit mess. We were told by leaders of the Leave Campaign, including the Trade Secretary Liam Fox, how easy it would be – it is not, that is the reality and as the facts become clearer, many feel a hard Brexit is not the answer. That was clear in the 2017 General Election when the ‘will of the people’ was to reject the Prime Minister’s clean/hard Brexit. It has taken almost two years to accept this.

A way forward is to build consensus in Parliament on Brexit. Put that along with Remain to the people in a ‘Final Say’ Referendum to sort out the mess that has consumed us all.

A Happy Easter to you all.

Llanfachraeth traffic issue 15 March 2019
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