Anglesey needs a fresh Economic Plan for the future

Ynys Môn MP Albert Owen has called for a fresh economic plan and strategy to make the local island economy more resilient and to create and boost job opportunities.

“The recent announcements shows how vulnerable the economy is, while the Welsh and the UK economy is also fragile with companies de-investing, the island is a periphery area and is more exposed to economic shocks and both the Wylfa and REHAU announcement is a massive blow to the whole area but North Anglesey in particular.”

“We need a fresh economic plan for Anglesey to re-enforce existing businesses and to maximise on the future potential to provide careers and job opportunities.”

“Responsibility for Economic Development is divided between local government at County Council level, as well as Welsh and UK Government having policies, strategies and plans. We need now to review the local economic plans to ensure the local aspect forms a coherent strategy. This should include input from the business sector, the unions, training providers and elected representatives in addition to the Council. An inclusive local jobs and economy plan is needed to dove tail into the regional North Wales Growth Deal and complement the UK’s Industrial Strategy. They need to line up and adapt to the changing situation.”

“Over the last 5 years, we have seen large projects, particularly in energy technologies, suspended, frozen or stopped. This includes the Celtic (Rhiannon) wind farm, the marine tidal Skerries Array, Orthios bio-mass and now nuclear at Wylfa Newydd. The potential remains to be a centre of excellence but with an updated plan. International finance is a problem, as is the aftermath of the global financial crash and Brexit uncertainties.”

“I have already raised this with the Welsh Government’s Economic Minister, and I intend to meet UK ministers and Council leaders and I will continue to lobby for a coherent strategy at all levels and to work together.”

“There has been great success in many sectors such as retail and tourism, but in the area of industry and manufacturing we have to acknowledge the island has to do better to retain and attract investment. A more inclusive plan and strategy has to be the first step!”

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