Albert Owen AS

Albert Owen yw Aelod Seneddol Ynys Môn ac yn aelod o Bwyllgor Dethol Datblygu Rhyngwladol.

Etholwyd yn wreiddiol yn 2001 a mae wedi bod yn aelod o Bwyllgorau Dethol Materion Cymraeg ac Ynni a Newid Hinsawdd.  Mae’n aelod o Banel Cadeiryddion Llefarydd Ty’r Cyffredin ac wedi bod yn ymwneud â Grwpiau Holl-Bleidiol ar Ynni, Iechyd a Chyfathrebu Digidol.

Mae wedi bod yn ymgyrchydd diwyd am gymysgedd amrywiol o Ynni, gan gynnwys niwcliar ac adnewyddol a mae wedi bod yn gweithredu er mwyn sicrhau bod ei etholaeth, Ynys Môn, yn chwarae rhan blaenllaw wrth wynebu her ynni yr 21 Ganrif.

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Cemaes Carnival 2019


Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister at a critical time in our history. He is not the first former Eton-educated, Bullingdon Club MP elected to parliament in 2001.

Along with David Cameron, Mr Johnson has had a steely determination to get to the ‘Top Job’. Neither are known for their consistency or reserved nature. On Brexit both advocated the need to remain in the EU Single Market and Customs Union. Indeed, as London Mayor, Mr Johnson said the Single Market was essential and in 2012 he called for a referendum on staying in a reformed EU. However, an opportunist to the core, Boris Johnson wrote two letters; one advocating support for Leave and one on the merits of Remain. He supported Leave to oppose David Cameron.

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Albert Anthea Ban Dog Meat in UK July 2019

Animal Welfare, No-Deal & Northern Ireland

By far the most correspondence I receive is on animal welfare matters. This has increased ten-fold in the last decade as campaigns have raised awareness about animal cruelty and abuse across our communities and the globe. This week I attended the World Dog Alliance event in Parliament with TV / Media presenter Anthea Turner. The campaign ‘I am not Food’ calls on the UK Government to outlaw the consumption of dog meat in the UK and to show leadership in animal welfare by sending a message that this horrific practice should be banned all over the World. Our furry friends are much loved companions.

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BEIS David Attenborough July 2019 Vrs 2

A Week In Westminster

‘Idealism of youth should be treasured and respected’ were the wise words of our witness to our Business & Energy Select Committee this week. The subject was Clean Growth Strategy – Net Zero. The witness was the respected broadcaster and natural historian Sir David Attenborough. Few people can be credited with putting the issue of the fragility of our planet and the destruction by humans on top of our agenda today than Sir David.

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